Learn Swahili Words

Learn Swahili Words

Learn Swahili Words

When you are visiting to any country is good to learn some few important words of their national language. Is a great help to break down barriers and to enjoy yourself more.

You can learn a lot more Swahili here but as a quick introduction the following few words and phrases should help. You can learn more Swahili words through African Pangolin safaris guides during safari.

English Swahili Swahili Reply Reply in English
Good morning Habari ya asubuhi Nzuri  
Good  afternoon Habari ya mchana Nzuri  
Good evening Habari ya jioni Nzuri  
Good night Usiku mwema Na wewe pia You too
Sleep well Lala salama Na wewe pia You too
Goodbye Kwaheri kwaheri  
Hello Jambo Sijambo  
How are you Habari yako Nzuri asante Fine thank you
Thank you so much Asante sana Unakaribishwa You are welcome
Welcome Karibu Asante Thank you
What is your name Jina lako nani Jina langu ni Peter My name is Peter
No problem Hakuna matata    
Ok Sawa    
Hi! Mambo! Poa! Cool!
Give me water Naomba maji    
Give me food Naomba chakula    
How much Bei gani    
Food is delicious Chakula ni kitamu Asante Thank you
Food Chakula    
Water Maji    
Please stop Simama tafadhali Sawa Ok
We can go Tunaweza kwenda Sawa Ok
Yes Ndio    
No thank you Hapana tafadhali    
We are the same Sisi wote ni sawa    
I need your help Nahitaji msaada wako    
Please help me Nisaidie tafadhali    

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